The Montpelier Foundation

Is a cultural heritage institution in Orange, Virginia. It was the home of James Madison, the father of the US Constitution and the 4th President of the United States, and Dolley Madison, the 1st First Lady. It was also home to over 300 enslaved African Americans. Montpelier seeks to connect the past to the present through Madison’s primary idea, the importance of constitutional, representative democracy. The home and grounds of Montpelier serve as the laboratory for this investigation, using rigorous scholarship to understand the lives of all the people who lived and worked on the property.

Michigan State University MATRIX

MATRIX, the Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences at Michigan State University, is an international leader in digital humanities that advances critical understanding and open access to knowledge through application of humanities technologies for teaching, research, and outreach. Humanities technology unites the humanists quest for deeper understanding of humanity with the tools and methods of computer science, engineering, and information and library sciences. Matrix researchers work at these intersections to advance a wide variety of interdisciplinary projects.


The Montpelier Foundation

Elizabeth Chew, Vice President for Museum Programs

Mary Furlong Minkoff, Curator of Archaeological Collections, Montpelier Digital Collections Project Project Director

Matthew B. Reeves, Director of Archaeology and Landscape Restoration

Terry P. Brock, Assistant Director of Archaeology

Benjamin Kirby, Assistant Curator of Archaeological Collections, Montpelier Digital Collections Project Manager

Jennifer Glass, Director of Architecture and Historic Preservation

Hilarie Hicks, Senior Research Historian

Jenniffer Powers, Collections Manager

Leanna Schafer, Curatorial and Collections Assistant

Christian Cotz, Director of Education and Visitor Experience

Kyle Stetz, Manager of Student and Family Programs

Emily Voss, Education Director, Center for the Constitution

Anna Roberts, Corporate and Foundation Relations Officer


Ethan Watrall, Associate Director, MATRIX; Associate Professor, Anthropology; Adjunct Curator, MSU Museum; Director, Cultural Heritage Informatics Initiative

National Endowment for the Humanities

Sheila Brennan, Senior Program Officer, Office of Digital Humanities, National Endowment for the Humanities