Montpelier Presenting at Enslaved Conference

Dr. Mary Furlong Minkoff, Curator of Archaeological Collections, and Dr. Terry P. Brock, Assistant Director of Archaeology, will be giving a presentation on Marcy 8, 2019 at the Enslaved Conference at Michigan State University. The Conference is a two-day gathering of scholars and cultural heritage professionals who are currently working on digital projects that examine slavery. The conference is part of a larger project being directed by MSU’s MATRIX, which is an effort to create a digital tool linking databases and collections from around the world that focus on the historical record of slavery.

Montpelier’s paper presents the scope of the Montpelier Digital Collections Project, and also examines how it will include descendant community voices in its design.

You can learn more and watch the live stream by visiting the website at The conference hashtag is #enslaved2019.